Potato Variations

October 28, 2017

Consider cooking the potatoes in chicken stock instead of water. Boil your potatoes in a pasta pot with a colander insert. Then when they’re cooked, simply lift the colander out of the pot to drain. No steam bath for you as you pour the boiling water into the sink! Also – keep a pot of Read more →


Celebrity Recipes Through the Years (KFOR Cookbooks are at these locations). Summer cookbook will be out by early July, 2017.

May 7, 2017

Our winter cookbooks are available now – featuring celebrity recipes in our KFOR cookbooks from the past 45 years. They came out before Christmas so some sponsors are in shorter supply. Please call ahead. Our books are available free of charge at area sponsors listed below – and listed according to area of town: Brown’s Shoe Read more →


KFOR Cookbook w/ Bryan Health

November 28, 2016

These are our sponsor locations for our most recent cookbook that was released in July of 2016. (Just a note here that our next cookbook will be out in December of 2016.) Since the clients make it possible for you to have them free of charge, they are only at sponsor locations and not at the station. Read more →


Uses for Retired Softener Sheets

December 30, 2015

For those softener sheets you have already used in the dryer, here are some hints from Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean: **Run a needle and thread through the sheet to prevent static from tangling the thread. ** Place a used sheet in luggage, drawers, closets, trash cans, under car seats, and in your laundry bag or Read more →


Outside Windows

September 26, 2015

This hint was shared on P & S by Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean: Combine the following in a bucket. 2 quarts of warm water and 1/2 cup of cornstarch. Mix well and then wash the window with the solution using a sponge. A natural sponge is the best choice. Then simply buff dry Read more →


Cleaning Shoes

June 29, 2015

These tips are from our regular P & S guest Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean ( CLEANING SHOES Did you know that people many times will look at your shoes and judge you by them? Are they clean, dirty, are the heels scraped and marred, are there dirty toe marks on your open toe Read more →

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