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Heartburn Issues

It’s the latest information about heartburn from gastroenterologist Dr. Matthew Hrnicek of Gastroenterology Specialties. (

Cleaning Tips

Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean, makes her monthly visit to Problems Solutions to help […]

Pharmaceutical Info

Pharmacist Dr. Ally of the Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy answers your […]

Fashion Pointers

Fashion expert Jennifer Robin joins Cathy to talk about enhancing your personal style – no […]

Wisdom at Age 105

Kathryn Dwinell turns 106 on August 26th.We’ll share the much-talked-about show from last year, as […]

Pet Behavior

Cathy welcomes Arden Moore, who is a pet behaviorist, magazine editor and in-demand lecturer. She […]

Lawn Garden Questions

Dick Campbell of Campbell’s Nurseries is in studio to answer your lawn, garden and landscape […]

Antiques Collectibles

Tom Bassett of Bassett’s Appraisal Service and Greg Ford of Ford Ford Auctioneers appraise your […]

Open Phone Day

Open Phone Day.Call with your problems, solutions, hints and money-saving ideas.If you’d like to send […]

Home Fix It

Home fix-it questions are answered by Tom Kraeutler (Crite-ler) of the syndicated radio show The […]