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Acid Reflux Solved

Dear Cathy,

For five and a half years I have been suffering from what was finally diagnosed this year as acid reflux. I have had no heartburn, but instead, a persistent tickling in my throat, followed by violent coughing, and then constantly, for about half an hour to an hour after that, clearing of my throat. I’m a singer and this eventually ruin my voice. I tried all sorts of remedies, saw three different doctors about this, and was finally put on Nexium. The Nexium took care of the problem, but since my insurance doesn’t pay for drugs, it was costing me $120 a month. I was in despair of ever being well again without paying a very high price.

A few months ago I was listening to Dr. Allie on Problems and Solutions, when she mentioned taking one chewable Tums tablet a day for the daily calcium requirement. At the time, I was taking Citracal and paying quite a price for it. I decided to take up her advice and began my daily Tums.

Within a month or so I noticed I was no longer coughing. My voice has returned, and I am singing once again. I wish I had known this five years ago! Thank you Dr. Allie for your wonderful advice. Now for only pennies, I have, not only my daily need of calcium, but the added benefit of no more acid reflux.

I am a very grateful woman.
Janet S.

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