Guest Testimonial

Alan E. Smith

Cathy, THANKS for having me back on Problems & Solutions!¬† I think that may be […]

Dr. Cynthia Green

“Appearing on “Problems and Solutions” with Cathy Blythe as an¬†author guest was a total treat. […]

Tom Rath

Cathy- It was a pleasure speaking with you. I spent last week doing TV and […]

Jon Gordon

Cathy, Thank you. We need more shows like yours on the dial. It was an […]

Clarice Orr

Before World War II when I was a little girl on a farm in south […]

Patt Harper

Dear Cathy, Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your […]

Debra Fine

As an author and media personality I have had the opportunity to be interviewed by […]

Victoria Moran

Dear Cathy — Thank you so much. I love being on your show. You “get […]

Sue Morem

Cathy, Thank you for having me on your show again. You are a great interviewer […]

Vickie Dellaquila

Cathy, Thank you for having me on your show Problems and Solutions and taking the […]