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Recipes from March issue of Everyday w/ Rachael Ray

  #1 – Sticky Chicken Wings w/ Blue Cheese Dip   ingredients 12 chicken wingettes, separated at the…

Popcorn Recipes

From POPCORN – by Patrick Evans-Hylton (published by Sasquatch Books)

Breakfast Recipes (Dina Crowell)

Four of the recipes that Dina shared with us on Problems & Solutions are available on her website at…

Marie Rama and Bacon Recipes

Featured recipes from the book Bacon Nation can be found here.

Thyme Cough Syrup

This homemade remedy was featured on our show with Dr. Tierona Low Dog, author of the book…

Info/Locations for KFOR Slow Cooker Classics Cookbooks

Our KFOR Cookbooks are available now at sponsor locations in Lincoln, Waverly, Ceresco, and Beatrice. They are…

Rachael Ray Magazine Recipes for Dec.

RED VELVET CRINKLES Makes: 8 servings Yield: 4 dozen Prep: 20 mins Bake: 30 mins Ingredients: 2…

Janet and Greta Podleski


Recipes from Everyday w/ Rachael Ray

Recipes from the November issue of Everyday w/ Rachael Ray  DRY BRINED TURKEY & GRAVY  Ingredients…

Fix It and Forget It PINK Cookbook (Phyllis Good)

From Phyllis Good – Fix-It and Forget-It PINK Cookbook

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