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High Blood Pressure

Cardiologist Dr. Ryan Whitney of BryanLGH Heart Institute gives us detailed information about high blood pressure… how…

Lawn Landscape Topics

Dick Campbell of Campbell’s Nurseries and Garden Centers is in to answer your lawn and landscape questions…

Pet Questions

Dr. Megan Ehlers of Nebraska Animal Medical Center answers your pet questions.

Antique Appraisals

Greg Ford of Ford Ford Auctioneers joins Cathy to appraise your antiques and collectibles. (


Cathy talks with parent educator Bonnie Harris, author of When Your Kids Push Your Buttons.(

Home Fix-It Advice

Call in with your home fix-it questions for Tom Kraeutler (Crite-ler) of the syndicated radio show The…

Pharmaceutical Answers

Pharmacist Dr. Ally of the College of Pharmacy at the University ofNebraska Medical Center joins Cathy to…

Cleaning Tips

Call in with your questions for Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean. ( and on Facebook)

Garage Sale Pointers

Cathy visits with Aaron Lapedis, author of The Garage Sale Millionaire.(

Beef Preparation

We’ll talk about beef selection and preparation with Ann Marie Bosshamer of the Nebraska Beef Council.Call in…

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