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Promoting an Active Lifestyle for All Ages

Cathy welcomes Sean Jackson, the author of a charming children’s story titled Spud the Couch Potato. Sean is on a mission to promote an active lifestyle for young kids, which prompted the creation of Spud. Spud is a potato who loves his couch. He watches TV all day and never participates in extracurricular activities. One day the TV breaks and Spud quickly learns how enjoyable playing outside can be ( In the second half, Cathy visits with Bruce Grierson, author of What Makes Olga Run? Olga Kotelko was not your average 95-year-old! Before she passed away on June 24th – just three weeks ago – she held more than 23 world records in track and field. A fascinating part of this equation is that Olga took up running at age 77, for fun!


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